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Dealmakers 2018

The Numbers & The Narrative

12th Annual Pittsburgh Region Business Investment Scorecard

Compiled by the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, the economic development marketing affiliate of the Allegheny Conference

“Data … one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories. I take a huge pile of data and I … get it to tell stories.”

– Steven Levitt, American Economist


A Strong Year: 340 Deals Across Southwestern PA

Total Activity Exceeds Every Year of Investment Project Tracking Since 2007

Capital Investments Hit Nearly $3.8B

Seven Years and Running, CAPEX Surpasses $2B

Information Technology & Robotics Continues Rapid Growth

Most Active Sector for Second Straight Year

#1 Jobs Generator (Among Sectors)

Manufacturing Remains Strong; a Solid Second for Announced Projects

Energy Sector Activity Rebounds

Deals More Than Doubled

Laura Shapira Karet, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance Chairperson
“This region has a diverse and strong economic foundation, reinforced and amplified by innovation. Our economy is grounded in mainstay industries like finance, energy, manufacturing and life sciences and healthcare. Technology and innovation – a big part of the face of this region today – are boosting our core industries with next-generation advances. This puts businesses here, and those who do business with Pittsburgh, at the edge of next-generation opportunities and possibilities. Our accomplishments are exciting, but we know more is possible. We’re going to supercharge our efforts and build on these investment successes to further grow the region’s economy and our competitiveness.”

– Laura Shapira Karet, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance Chairperson and President & CEO, Giant Eagle, Inc.



Total Deals

green-arrow to show increase 82 Over 2017

Investment Deals

green-arrow to show increase 48

Development* Deals

green-arrow to show increase 34

*infrastructure and brick and mortar real estate developments


Combined CAPEX


Investment Projects


Development Porjects


Total Job Impact

green-arrow to show increase 56% Over 2017

New Jobs

green-arrow to show increase 15%

  • New jobs on the rise - 4 years & running
  • Largest total number since 2012
  • 10,568 retained jobs / green-arrow to show increase 111%

consecutive year

  • Total job impact exceeds 10K, 2014 - 2018

Capital Investment


Combined Capex

5th Highest Amount on Record

Region-Wide Total Exceeds $2B, 7 Years and Running

Energy-related capital investment was highest among region’s key sectors

Nearly 3X the 12-year average

Who's Investing

Hickory Run Energy Station

Photo Credit: Bruce & Merrilees

Hickory Run Energy Station


  • Natural gas-fueled electrical generation plant
  • Will supply 1,000 megawatts of power to the region, enough to power more than a million households

North Beaver Township, Pa. (Lawrence County)

Rye Development logo

Rye Development


  • Hydroelectric infrastructure
  • Incorporation of a renewable form of energy generation
  • Powered by Pittsburgh’s signature three rivers

Allegheny, Beaver & Greene Counties

Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

Pipelines, compressor stations, controls


Allegheny, Beaver & Greene Counties

*CAPEX total include both announced investment and development projects

IT and Robotics icon

IT & Robotics

Solid Growth in IT & Robotics – Most Active Sector, Two Years & Running



green-arrow to show increase 51% Over 2017



Total Jobs

Deeper Dive

Where the Money Is

  • IT, which includes robotics, leads among SW PA’s key economic sectors when it comes to wages
  • IT employee wages are 94.5% higher than the average job wage in region
  • Annual average wage among regional IT companies: $104,585 / Average regional job wage - $53,900

Economic Impact

  • 2.94 jobs, direct and indirect, supported by each regional IT employee
  • 101,000+ total jobs in SW PA supported by IT
  • Deals more than doubled over 2017
  • IT deals drove growth as robotics announcement dropped slightly from 20 to 17
  • Leading sector for new job creation
    • 2,428 new jobs
    • green-arrow to show increase 30% increase over 2017
IT and Robotics icon

Who's Investing


  • Fintech company attraction
  • Headquartered in San Francisco; now with offices in Pittsburgh + NYC
  • 100 new jobs & projecting 500 new employees by 2023

City of Pittsburgh (North Shore)



  • “Pittsburgh Tech Hub,” 22,000 SF expansion
  • Focused on machine translation and speech science
  • 125 new jobs

City of Pittsburgh (South Side)

Bossa Nova Robotics

Photo Credit: Bossa Nova Robotics

Bossa Nova Robotics

  • Headquarters expansion + new test facility
  • In partnership with Walmart, providing shelf-scanning robots to 50 stores for inventory automation
  • Carnegie Mellon University spinout
  • 40 new jobs

City of Pittsburgh (Strip District)


Photo Credit: CBRE



  • New artificial intelligence lab

City of Pittsburgh (Oakland)


  • Expansion
  • Leased space capable of accommodating 400 – 500 new employees

City of Pittsburgh (Strip District)

IAM Robotics

  • Headquarters expansion
  • Logistics robotics
  • 61 new jobs
  • 80 total job impact

Sewickley, Pa. (Allegheny County)

Lucas Systems


  • Headquarters, 45,000 SF expansion
  • 55 new jobs
  • 66 retained jobs
  • 121 total job impact

Wexford, Pa. (Allegheny County)

RE2 Robotics

Photo Credit: RE2

RE2 Robotics

  • Headquarters expansion
  • Develops human-like robotic arms for use by organizations including the U.S. Department of Defense
  • 9 new jobs
  • 46 total job impact

City of Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville)

Voci Technologies

  • CMU spinout utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze voice data
  • Headquarters expansion
  • 11,000 SF new facility
  • 50 new jobs
  • Up to 19 retained jobs

City of Pittsburgh (Strip District)

Affirm logo
“It was important for us to be able to grow our workforce for many years to come with superb talent … we look forward to building a true center of excellence for our merchant partners and their customers, as well as providing career growth opportunities for our newest employees.”

– Max Levchin, CEO and Co-founder of Affirm
Pittsburgh Business Times, Oct. 22, 2018

I AM Robotics logo
“Pittsburgh is a bigger, more capable, more influential robotics center than the world knows. Other regions are more commonly known for their progress. However, that is changing rapidly. Talent, investors, and customers are now paying attention to Pittsburgh, and this is due to our community’s collective effort to broadcast our story and create critical connections around the world.”

– Joel Reed, CEO, IAM Robotics (from IW and E&Y’s Investment in Pittsburgh’s Technology Sector Trends and Highlights, 2009 - 18)

Manufacturing icon


Built to Last, Manufacturing Remains Strong

No. 2 Most Active Sector for Deals Across SW Pennsylvania





green-arrow to show increase 33% Over 2017

Total Jobs

green-arrow to show increase 62%

Deeper Dive

  • 23.9% of regional manufacturers produce fabricated metals
  • 17.7% of manufacturing employment is in fabricated metals
    • 4X the national average
  • $62,345 – average annual wage for regional manufacturing employees
    • 15.6% higher than the average job wage in region
  • 2.72 regional jobs, direct or indirect, supported by each regional manufacturing job = ~250K total jobs
Manufacturing icon

Who's Investing

American Textile Company

  • Expansion
  • 98,000 SF new distribution center
  • 75 new jobs
  • 250 retained jobs
  • 325 total job impact

McKeesport, Pa. (Allegheny County)

Ellwood Quality Steel (EQS)

$60M expansion

  • 110,000 SF building housing equipment for re-melting steel that will be used in the aerospace and military fields
  • 25 new jobs

New Castle, Pa. (Lawrence County)

Kenson Plastics

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Panagiotakis,

Kenson Plastics

$1.7M expansion

  • Plastics for the aerospace, mass transit and medical industries and more
  • 15 new jobs
  • 80 retained jobs

Chippewa, Pa. (Beaver County)

Bergad, Inc. Logo

Bergad, Inc.

$2.2M expansion

  • 50,000 SF addition for this producer of specialty polyurethane foams
  • 30 new jobs
  • 30 retained jobs
  • 60 total job impact

Armstrong County

“There is an increasing demand for custom formulated polyurethane foams, and we’re proud to be creating the market and driving that demand right here in Armstrong County.”

– Paul Bergad, President, Bergad Inc.
The Kittanning Paper, May 11, 2018

Financial & Business Services icon

Financial &
Business Services

A Century-Plus of Expertise in Asset Management, Banking and Corporate Support





green-arrow to show increase 4X More 2017

Total Jobs

Deeper Dive

  • No. 1 Contributor to Gross Regional Product (GRP) - $50B
  • Region’s largest employer
    • 234,036 employees
    • 2.26 regional jobs, direct or indirect, supported by each regional financial & business services job = 528+K total jobs
Financial & Business Services icon

Who's Investing

Bechtel Plant Machinery

$28M expansion

  • 90,000 SF headquarters
  • A prime contractor for the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
  • 600 new jobs

Monroeville, Pa. (Allegheny County)

Bombardier Transportation

Photo Credit: Limbach Holdings

Bombardier Transportation

$43M retention

  • Several business divisions relocating to 90,000 SF in Strip District
  • 550 retained jobs

City of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)

Roadrunner Recycling, Inc.

  • Headquarters expansion
  • 40 new jobs
  • 30 retained jobs
  • 70 total job impact

City of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)

“The [Pittsburgh] region has a lot of benefit built in that aligns with our growth strategy.”

– Graham Rihn, CEO, Roadrunner Recycling
Pittsburgh Business Times, April 12, 2017

Energy icon




green-arrow to show increase 113% Over 2017


Highest amount among 5 key sectors

Total Jobs

Deeper Dive

  • $30B in GRP generated by energy industry
  • $94,796 – average annual wage for regional energy employees, only trailing IT & Robotics

*Energy deals include investments across multiple sectors

Energy icon

Who's Investing

APV Renaissance Partners Opco LLC

  • Attraction
  • Renaissance Energy Center, 1,000-megawatt, natural gas power plant
  • 25 new jobs

Monongahela Township, Pa. (Greene County)

Nine Energy Services

Nine Energy Services

$4M expansion

  • 38,000 SF regional headquarters for Houston, Texas-based oil & gas company

Washington, Pa. (Washington County)

Watt Fuel Cell

Photo Credit: Limbach Holdings

Watt Fuel Cell

  • Expansion
  • Doubling production of solid oxide fuel cell stacks and systems that run on propane and natural gas 20 new jobs – hiring engineers, production line and administration employees

Mount Pleasant, Pa. (Westmoreland County)

Watt Fuel Cell Logo
“[Moving operations and manufacturing to Westmoreland County] was a natural for us as this region has been a hotbed of energy innovation for centuries where companies such as Westinghouse were founded over a hundred years ago.”

– Caine Finnerty, Ph.D., President and CEO, Watt Fuel Cell
Pennsylvania Business Central, July 27, 2018

Healthcare & Life Sciences icon

Healthcare &
Life Sciences



green-arrow to show increase 42% From 2017



Total Jobs

green-arrow to show increase 39%

Deeper Dive

  • No. 2 industry in region for Gross Regional Product ($13.3B), behind financial & business services
  • 1.81 jobs, direct or indirect, supported by each regional healthcare & life sciences job = 256+K total jobs (on par with manufacturing)
Energy icon

Who's Investing

Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care

Photo Credit: Walnut Capital

Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care


  • 20,000 SF expansion
  • 100 new jobs
  • 1,700 retained jobs
  • 1,800 total job impact

City of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)



  • Expansion
  • Artificial intelligence precision diagnostics for cancer treatment
  • 6 – 8 new jobs
  • 26 total job impact

City of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)


  • Expansion
  • Biotech startup, University of Pittsburgh spinout
  • 3 new jobs

City of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County)

Philips logo
“By moving here to Bakery Square, clearly one of the premier parts of Pittsburgh, we hope it will capitalize on the energy and growth in this area and continue the great work that we’ve done for patients all over the world.”

– John Frank, Business Group Leader, Philips
CBS Pittsburgh, Sept. 28, 2018


Distribution Delivers Big Deals in 2018

Who's Investing

Urban Outfitters, Inc.

Photo Credit: Indiana County Center for Economic Operations


$80M attraction

  • Distribution
  • A major point in the eastern U.S. pipeline between suppliers and the consumers and retail outlets for URBN’s family of brands
  • 225 new jobs

Indiana, Pa. (Indiana County)

Kenco and Shell logos

Kenco/Shell Lubricants Americas Regional Distribution Center

$49M attraction

  • Distribution
  • 455,000 SF facility
  • 200 – 215 new jobss

Burgettstown, Pa. (Washington County)

URBN logo
“What brings us here is really simple: It’s the people, the quality of the people … and I think you’ve got a resilient workforce.”

– David Ziel, Chief Development Officer, URBN
Indiana Gazette, Sept. 27, 2018